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There are many risks to having a cesarean section

No one wants to have to undergo a surgery and pregnant women are no exception. A mom who has a cesarean section (C-section) performed on her risks both her life and her baby's. She also has to spend significantly more downtime recuperating instead of being hands-on with her newborn. There are situations in which a C-section is warranted though. Although doctors often perform the procedure without incident, things sometimes go wrong.

Doctors typically perform emergency C-sections if mom or baby is in distress or if there's maternal hemorrhaging, a prolapsed umbilical cord, a uterine rupture or a placental abruption. Planned C-sections may occur if labor isn't progressing fast enough, if the baby seems to be adjusting poorly to the labor process, if the baby is in a breech position or if the mother's contractions are weak.

A doctor often makes their decision to perform an emergency C-section and move the mom into the operating room within a short span of time. A baby can be born within a minute after the surgery begins. Moms are often put to sleep during the procedure and only meet their babies once they come to into the recovery room.

Mothers who have planned C-sections performed on them are often given an epidural. It numbs their pain but still allows them to be awake for their child's birth. As long as an hour may pass between a doctor deciding that they need to perform a C-section and the baby actually being delivered.

Those moms who have emergency C-sections performed on them have a strong likelihood of suffering an adverse reaction to anesthesia, especially if it's administered to them quickly. They also have a higher incidence rate of hemorrhaging. The risk of mom or baby suffering a birth injury increases as well.

Moms who have C-sections are also more apt to suffer inflammation of the uterus, an infection or a surgical injury to her intestines or bladder. There's a chance that a mother who has a C-section performed on her will develop an amniotic fluid embolism as well. Any injury or illness contracted during childbirth can put a woman's future pregnancies at risk also.

Surgical errors and birth injuries don't simply come with the territory. Most are preventable. A Tucson birth injury attorney can review your case and let you know whether it appears that your doctor upheld the necessary standard of care that they were supposed to.

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