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Congress attempts to address nursing home abuse and neglect

"Elder abuse" is a familiar term to many of our readers in Arizona. It is a term that is, unfortunately, becoming more widely known as elder abuse and neglect gains more attention, both nationally and in Arizona. Naturally, legislators have become aware of this issue and are attempting to push through laws that can help prevent elder abuse and neglect. Nursing homes, in particular, are one of the targets for prevention efforts.

According to a recent news report, a few Democrats and Republicans in Congress are attempting to work together to pass legislation that will re-authorize funding for the "Elder Justice Act," which was first passed in 2010. As part of the efforts, the bipartisan push included a series of hearings in Congress earlier this year focused on nursing home issues and elder abuse, as attention is drawn to the current and expiring laws that may impact elder abuse in America.

In the newly contemplated legislative effort, it appears that the main focus is on funneling funds to the right places. Block grants to the states are in discussion, as is the direct funding of forensic centers that would focus on investigating elder abuse.

Nursing home abuse and neglect will continue to be a serious problem in America, including in Arizona. But, when an elderly resident of a nursing home suffers harm due to abuse or neglect, that resident deserves justice. These injured victims may have legal options available to them to assist them in holding nursing homes accountable for their negligent or reckless conduct. Those who want to learn more about how best to pursue these legal avenues can reach out to an attorney of their choosing.

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